Massage is a therapy technique, which helps recovery and elimination of the health problems both by regulating the blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system in the region to which it is given. By virtue of the foot massage, aromatherapy and classical massage given by the specialist staff of Mirilayon Hotel, it is ensured that the energy lost within the day is recovered.

Classic Massage (relaxing massage)

On the basis of anatomical and physiological principles to provide general relaxation massage movements, accelerate blood circulation, massage is applied in order to reduce tension in the muscles. To start the day fresh, fatigue, and if you want to defecate sıkıntılarınızdan this massage is for you. (50 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage

Settles deeper tissues and muscles tension in the body, causing muscle ache. Deep tissue massage, remedial and therapeutic massage areas are designed for problematic type. Over time is effective for tension and knots. (55mins)


Akapunktur’a is based on the foundation. By stimulating the reflex points on the hands and feet, the response of the person with a massage these points are determined and troubleshoot problems. Because the nerve endings in most organs legs feet are preferred in this application. (45mins)

Aromatherapy Massage

Smell and essential oils from the skin into the body by way of taking advantage of the effects of therapeutic massage is applied. (55mins)

Sports Massage

Sports activities before or after your registration is limited to a quick and even a massage is done during the event. Sports massage is good for what: Increases success in sports, training and competition provides pre-recovery, a positive effect on the psychology of the athlete. (50 minutes)

Anti-Stress Massage

From the rear legs are spread application of pressure towards the spine. The pressure applied to eliminate pain caused by being left standing for long periods, will help to relax tired muscles after exercise. This has the effect of regulatory regions massages sleep. (40-50 minutes)

Head and Neck Massage

Beginning in the neck and face movements spread heating. Jaw, face, laughing, drainage movements exerted on the muscles of the forehead to the deal done right. In particular, headache, insomnia and neck is effective in eliminating problems such as eclipses. (25-30 minutes)

Classic Back Massage

It reduces tension, relaxes the back muscles, pain and obstacles eclipses. Rhythmic movements slow and calming, refreshing effect also makes it quick and fast movements. (25-35 minutes)

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite and localized edema causing toxins to be removed, the organization of the circulatory system, helps to remove cellulite is caused malformations.